Visualize Regularly

Motivate yourself towards achieving your dream.

It is often thought that visualization is a one-time exercise.

It must be done regularly in order to refine the goals and objectives.

The first time you do a visualization exercise, it may only have very limited details. A common dream of people is to own a house. The initial picture of their dream houses may contain vague features. However, as they do the exercise regularly, the image becomes vivid by the day.

What previously appears as a plain two-storey house is now a spacious abode awash with Mediterranean colors, complete with terrace and garden with Zen fountain!

Constantly visualize your planned future, specifically the day when you achieve your goals. Imagine experiencing happiness, fulfilment, bliss, and contentment. These will surely push you to strive harder in getting rid of all those negative habits, as well as not letting all these distractions get you off track.