Be Definite About What You Want

State clearly what you really want to achieve.

You have to define in specific terms what is it that you want to attain. 

Goals must be described in concrete terms.  “I seek possible mentors for my self-improvement,” sounds vague. Instead, say “I talk to one self improvement specialist per week.”  Another unclear goal is “I learn new words to improve my vocabulary.” A better way of saying it is “I learn 5 new words in a day.”

Visualize what you want to achieve. Experience the emotions that will accompany the feeling once you achieve your goals. If your goal is to become a good public speaker, see yourself easily conversing with a group of people. Feel the energy, hear yourself confidently speaking, see yourself surrounded by a crowd intently listening to every word you say, and savour the attention that people bestow on you. Hear the applause at the end of your speech. Do you now feel the excitement?