Protect Thy Self

While listening to other people’s comment is okay, learn to discern helpful comments from destructive ones.

Let’s say you are in a party and someone gives you a rude comment like, “Hi, I like your dress. Unfortunately it makes your arms look bigger than usual.”

Do not be naïve to think that it is just a harmless comment. When you feel hurt by other people’s words, regardless of whether it is intended or not, you should always walk away from the situation.

Protect yourself from these kinds of hurt. When you really love yourself, you should be able to stand up for yourself when other people try to put you down. When you have not done anything wrong nor hurt someone intentionally, they have absolutely no right to make you feel less about yourself.
Learn to accept real compliments, as well as derogatory comments, graciously. Steer clear from situations that will provoke you to burst like a hothead.

There are two kinds of criticisms. The first is constructive criticism that acts as a guide to push you to improve yourself. People who are concerned of your development will provide you with endless supply of constructive criticisms.

Another type is destructive criticism. Some people just say things up front with the mean intention of showing how great they are at the expense of others. They just want to hurt another person’s feelings. Period.

When they have crossed the line with their comments, do not let them get away easily because they need to know that you do not deserve such treatment. Say your piece politely, and then just walk away. You must protect yourself from insecure people who have nothing better to do with their lives but try to make other people become miserable.