Become Your Own Best Friend

How would you describe a best friend?

Have you explored the idea of becoming your own best friend?

Thomas Whiteman provided some thoughts about best friends and things you can do for yourself as you become your own best friend.

What is a Best Friend?
A best friend will not condemn you
A best friend will offer honest feedback
A best friend will support you
A best friend will hold you accountable
A best friend will laugh with you.

As we become our own best friend,
We do not condemn ourselves
We give ourselves honest, balanced feedback
We encourage ourselves
We challenge ourselves when we need it
We learn to enjoy ourselves.

As you become your own best friend, you learn to express compliments. A number of books advised people to express compliments in front of others.  But have you tried doing this to your self?

 Gloria, a friend of mine, is an excellent secretary. She works for an accomplished boss who rarely praises her work. Understandably, there are times when she felt overwhelmed and unappreciated. These are moments when she yearned for a simple acknowledgement or pat on the back. Can you guess her strategy to offset this dilemma?

 Upon finishing one memo, she exclaims to herself, “Gloria, you’re a memo wizard!” When she completes one task, she says these phrases to herself:  “Very Good”, “Excellent”, “Good Job”, and “You’re improving!”

 It may sound weird at first. Do this in the spirit of fun. Explain that since no one bothers to give compliments, you might as well do it on yourself. More importantly, practice this in the company of supportive friends.

Try a thing or two from the self-help tips that are given above. Explore and discover what works best for you. It is really up to you to determine which is most beneficial for you.

Never let other’s opinions distract you. Listen only to your trusted friends who are sincere in trying to help you and have your best interest at heart.
Always surround yourself with positive people and things. Constantly focus on positive and happy thoughts to keep you motivated to achieve your purpose. Enjoy the makeover process!