Improve Your Vocabulary

Without being conscious about it, you say words that demean your self-confidence and belief in yourself and your vocabulary. 

“Words are thoughts verbalized. The words that we declare magically bring about events and situations that happen to our lives,” said columnist Dero Pedero. He further shared some of the words that must be deleted in your vocabulary and the corresponding replacement:

Words to Delete Replacement Words
I hate … I bless …
It’s impossible … It can be done …
I can’t … I can …
Some day, when I have the time … Soon, I will …
Some day, when I have the money … Soon, I will …

He advises his readers to completely delete these words that connote impossibility leading to inaction. Likewise, cuss words should be edited from your vocabulary.

He recommends that people find creative ways to transform negative words to positive ones. He also noted that the mass media found appropriate and politically correct words such as “physically-challenged” instead of disabled. Poor is now referred to as “pre-rich.” Old is now replaced with “matured” and “at the prime of life.” Blind is now “visually-impaired.” Deaf is “hearing-impaired.”

If you want to start slow in enhancing your vocabulary and the way you structure sentences, try using the balanced statement technique. This technique makes use of the most negative-laden word -- BUT. Begin using this word in making balanced statements.
Balanced statements state the negative idea first and follow it with a positive statement that overshadows the initial thought. Examples of balanced statements are the following:

• I’m no good in chess BUT I am a good tennis player.
• My partner is not a good cook BUT she is a very loving wife.
• Dad does not always agree with me BUT he listens.
• I may be a slow typist BUT I proofread materials well.
• My Boss is very immature in handling panic situations BUT she is very objective when it comes to performance ratings.

Express balanced statements sincerely. Say only the truth and not lies.  Understand the fact that the truth can be stated in many ways, and still deliver the correct sentiment and message. Practice saying balanced statements regularly until this becomes a habit that is ingrained in your system
In all of these, have the resolve to get rid of negative habits. Select some of the mentioned tips and take the necessary actions!  You may find it difficult at first, but you can do it! (Did you see the balanced statement?)