Be Comfortable With Your Body

Are you one of these people who are so conscious with the way they look that they tend to be over critical of themselves?

You shouldn’t be hard on yourself nor force yourself to be someone you are not.

You must find a comfortable and new look that celebrates all the things that are unique about you.

• Body
Speaking of body, oftentimes, the issue is focused on weight. Just because you are not reed thin like Nicole Ritchie or Mary Kate Olsen doesn’t mean you are fat. There are a lot of people who keep putting themselves down, always referring to themselves as “fat;” when in reality, they have a perfectly healthy body.
But if indeed you are over your ideal weight, you need to set up a diet plan, as well as an exercise routine, that will only help you achieve your desired body weight. Always remember that when you are setting a goal for yourself, be honest and do not ever make unrealistic expectations.
Some would set a goal to immediately lose 30 pounds in a month. It is absolutely impossible for you to achieve that in a healthy and natural manner within a month! Just learn to let go of impossible dreams and keep it realistic. Embrace your uniqueness. Beauty and all else will just follow through.
There are various ways wherein you can healthily and naturally achieve your weight loss goals. Starting on a sensible diet can be a good option.  Find one that will help you lose pounds and is easy, fun, and will not make you feel deprived.
If you are a naturally active person, you may opt to try out a new sport, like ultimate Frisbee. Getting into a sport that you really enjoy minimizes the chance of experiencing boredom with the fitness routine.
It is best to incorporate these two healthy habits when it comes to trying to lose weight. Plus, having a healthy body can also lead to a healthy mind since proper nutrition and a stress-free life will help you have a sharper mind.

• Hairstyle
Since you are on the road to getting a new look for yourself, it is also a nice thing to have a new haircut - just in case you’re already tired of the one that you have now.
Going through stacks and stacks of magazines may actually prove to be not much help to you. These magazines feature perfectly airbrushed models. “Photoshop” pictures can be very misleading and can create false expectations.
Again, what you really need to do is to be realistic with what you want. Just because a certain hair color or haircut looked fabulous on models and celebrities doesn’t necessarily mean that it will look great on you as well.
Remember, these celebrities have all sorts of talented professionals on their payroll. These professionals make sure that their client always looks their absolute best.
So, what is the next best thing for you? Go to a salon and ask advice from a professional hairstylist on the hair colour or hairstyle that will suit you best. To be on the safe side, you can bring a photo of a preferred hairstyle just to give the hairstylist an idea of what you want.
This activity should be a confidence booster; and going to a salon should help you unwind and relax. 

• Wardrobe
Lastly, you might also need an update on your closet. You do not need to overhaul your whole closet. What you need to do is to “weed out” clothes that do not highlight the greatness in you.

You may need help on this one because not all can really be honest with themselves. This activity may not achieve high marks on the enjoyment scale, especially if you have grown too attached to a particular piece of clothing.

Refrain from keeping clothes that you have not worn in a year. If you have not worn it for a long time, then there is no way that you will ever wear it ever again! Also, stop wasting your precious dollars on buying clothes that are too small for you, hoping that it will motivate you to lose weight. If that method hasn’t worked for you, then it never will! Just buy clothes that actually fit you. Simple, isn’t it?
Once you have freed up some closet space, you can now shop for a few pieces that will help you update your look. Remember, do not go over the top or you might end up swiping your credit card away.

You can browse through magazines to get a glimpse of the trend. However, do not buy too much trendy stuff because these will soon be out of style and you might not be able to wear them anymore. You can also ask a trusted friend or relative, who is knowledgeable about fashion, to accompany you while you go shopping for new clothes. You can get the services of personal assistants or stylists to help you out with your makeover.