Improve Your Social And Communication Skills

Now that you are able to get the attention of other people, you must know how to graciously accept compliments, make small talk, and be comfortable talking with other people.

Here are some great tips on how to brush up your social, as well as, communication skills:

Let’s say you are in a party and a friend introduces you. All you need to do is smile and greet the other person nicely. You can introduce yourself first or the other person might just take the initiative. Flash your best smile and do not be afraid to speak.

However, if you find yourself uncomfortable in the company of a person, just politely excuse yourself. You need not talk with every person in the room, of course.

As for making small talk, the first rule is to relax. It is called ‘small talk’ because it is such. It is no big deal. Before you open your mouth, just try to be calm and enjoy other people’s company. Once relaxed, it will be easier for you to think clearly on what you are going to say. After controlling your nerves, things will come out naturally.

Always remember that people love to talk about themselves. Start the conversation rolling by asking non-intrusive questions such as their line of work or business, their favourite places, recent trips, or about a common acquaintance. Keep the natural flow of conversation by asking these questions.  Allow them to talk about themselves.

Be genuinely interested in the conversation. You do this by making eye contact. Avoid looking at different things while you or someone is talking. There are times when the conversation becomes boring or the topic does not interest you. Go on with it a bit and politely try to shift to a different topic.
Dead air cannot be avoided especially when you’re talking with people whom you share nothing in common or are mere strangers to you just five minutes ago. You can initiate on a new topic; however, do not try to stir up things by saying a rude joke or a lewd comment. When you are not sure of what you are going to say, just play it safe.

However, if you commit this mistake, just calm yourself down and say sorry for what you have said. Hopefully, the people you are with are all mature enough to not to take it totally against you.

When people give you compliments, you must learn to accept them graciously. Try not to contradict them by putting yourself down. Be happy that people have noticed something nice about you and just thank them graciously.

Lastly, do not be so hard on yourself. The outcome of the conversation does not solely rest on your hands. There are two of you in the conversation. Let the other person do his share in making the conversation more engaging. Do not pressure yourself and try to be the life of the party. Just enjoy other people’s company and try your best not to worry so much.