Improve Your People Skills

That takes care of the social and conversation skills. Now focus on tips for improving your people skills.

Here are some that could prove to be very helpful to you:

• Plan Your Approach
This is not to say that you should pressure yourself into making these people end up really liking you. Everyone has a certain kind of comfort level when it comes to being approached by strangers or by people in general.
There are people who greatly value their space. When approaching such individuals, you should never use the “in your face” approach or assume that you are already close. There are those who are naturally friendly. You would not want to act stiff around them or they might think of you as aloof.

• Ask Other People For Advice
If you know someone who can easily strike up a conversation and not end up getting shrugged off by people, ask the person how he does it. These people will be able to help you hone your people skills.
However, do not do just exactly what they do, develop a style of your own. Develop one that you are comfortable with so you do not end up looking like you are just acting or following some sort of a scripted monologue. That will surely turn off other people.

The whole physical makeover represents the fun part. People enjoy this part of the makeover since results are more tangible and visible. In the case of a new hairstyle, wardrobe, and posture, you immediately get feedback on the changes you initiated.

The next part involves a makeover within. Changes within will determine if the whole personality makeover process will provide lasting and enduring results.