Seek All Kinds Of Support 

Find support groups that you can join to help you focus and achieve your goal.

Seek out support groups whose aim is the same as yours.

If your aim is personality development, what you need is to look for a group whose goal is to develop your confidence in order to bring out the best in you. Join a group that you are comfortable with and whose method is something that you greatly believe in. Establish rapport with your fellow support group members.

Also, support groups are great venues for working on your people skills, which is a significant part of personality development. Sometimes it feels great to know that you are not alone and that there are others who, like you, are going through the same problems.

You can also seek help through toll-free support hotlines like Dial-A-Friend whose aim is to provide a listening ear and give advice to those who need someone to talk to whenever they are feeling low. Sometimes it is a lot easier to talk to a complete stranger, for they do not know you. A stranger will not be able to prejudge you in any way, unlike a close friend or a relative who have known you for a long time.

You can also try writing in a journal or starting out a blog. You may be one of those people who find writing cathartic. You will be able to release whatever pent up emotion you have inside while keeping your privacy (blogs have a security option to help you guard your private entries).

If some of the advice and techniques do not work for you, never lose hope. Never ever give up on your dreams. Once you give up, you plunge into a downward spiral and might never be able to pull yourself out of the rut ever again.

At this stage, having a strong relationship with a Higher Force proves to be very helpful. Praying and having strong faith in the Universal Force, Infinite Being, Higher Spirit, whatever you call it, can strengthen your resolve to overcome obstacles in your quest for personality development.

Being an invisible force, you will not feel ashamed to tell what you really feel inside your heart - the things that you are sorry for - and express your innermost desires. Sometimes, just letting it all out can truly help you feel better.