Self-Assessment: Honesty Is Still The Best Policy

So the best thing that you have to do is take a good look at yourself in the mirror and ask the following questions:

  • What do you see?
  • Whom do you see?
  • What kind of person do you see?
  • Do you think that person is happy?
  • Does he or she have a reason to be happy?
  • What are those reasons?

Ask yourself these questions and be brutally honest with yourself. You will be able to unearth the root of all the hatred and sadness that you have been keeping.

These questions will lead you directly to confront the root cause of the problem. Seek solutions to be able to free yourself from all those negative thoughts. Read more in the chapter: How To Get Rid Of Negative Habits

For example, the one thing you dislike about yourself is your body.  You may only be a few pounds overweight, but you insist that you are fat. Why is that so?

People have a tendency to compare and put themselves side by side with lean and fully made-up bodies found in the covers of magazines. If you have this tendency, expect to end up feeling bad about yourself. Get Set And Reinvent Yourself!

Always remember that those models invest in developing themselves in order to get good breaks and endorsement deals. Like you, they were not born with perfect thighs, flat stomachs, or smooth silky skins. They pay a lot of money in order to achieve and maintain good looks. They invest on improving their assets.

Back to you and your body issues, in case you still have a reason to think that you are not “beautiful enough,” then why not do something about it? 

If you feel fat, go to a nutritionist who will help you with your diet plan. If you feel flabby, the solution might lie in the hands of a good personal instructor. Read more here: How To Achieve A Winning Physical Makeover

The point here is that when you feel bad about yourself, do something about it. Just make sure that you do not trample on other people along the way because, again, that is not the way towards sustainable happiness.