Eliminate Clutter, Have A Clear Mind

Clear the mind of all the emotional clutter that you have been keeping for years.

The inability to throw these “excess baggage” will certainly make the path to improving yourself very difficult.

You can do this alone by yourself, or seek the support of some close friends or relatives. It won’t hurt to have someone whom you can rely on when you need emotional support.

Be honest with yourself when it comes to opening up your past. Try to ask yourself why some issues have not yet been resolved and what is keeping you from finally getting all those depressing feelings out of your system.

In case the negative feelings you have been harbouring is for someone whom you had a falling out in the past, just try your best to forgive him. Learn to forgive yourself and other people that have caused you to carry this emotional luggage.

Learn to finally be able to let go of all the excess baggage that you have been carrying. This will make the whole process towards improving yourself a whole lot easier because you have unloaded emotional blockages that prevented you from achieving your goals.

It may help you learn how to trust other people, shield yourself from emotional vampires, and move on from a traumatic or heartbreaking experience.